Lisk news, Voting 5th March 2018

Win 500usd in Lisk – ART challenge – WINNERS

[2018/03/10] And the winners are… Both on the forum and on this poll the following contenders had the most votes: 1st place winner: darkkatarsis (500usd in LSK is send) 2nd place winner: rafal … 28th February 2018

Lisk Browser Utility released a Windows browser context menu. This allows you to select Lisk addresses from your browser and use the context menu to select various options like to send some LSK or check … 26th February 2018

Scam alert

!! Please be aware of impostors on social media !!  We have been getting complaints that the names of members are used on social media to scam other Lisk community members. I personally …

Delegates 13th February 2018

GDT pool contributes to

We like to thank the Lisk forging pool GDT  for making a large contribution to We have received LSK for our team and also to do a lot more contest rewards for the … 7th February 2018

Search & win up to 50 LSK! is giving away LSK to people who are willing to do some searching! We will hide the following 5 separate private wallet keys…. Read all about it on our forum: 6th February 2018

Community opinion request

We would like to ask the Lisk community their opinion about Meetups. Please send us your response using the polls below. All information will remain anonymous.             The LiskHQ Community … 30th January 2018
joo5ty forum released

Today Lisk.Support released its community Lisk forum. It has multiple advantages over Reddit, like: – Thread categories – Rich text support – Support for image/Youtube/Poll/etcetera – Easy search features – User activity statistics, … 20th January 2018

Promotion t-shirts have been shipped

Hello fellow community Lisk member! Thank you so much for your interest and support for our website. The team of would like to thank you for helping us promote our community-driven website. …

Delegates 7th December 2017

Delegate of the Day: Rooney

Hey liskers, I’m Rooney and a investor of LISK ICO, live in New York for now. I’m running a LISK node on Digital Ocean since 4/12/2016. My auto-reward system is an open source …

Delegates 4th December 2017

Delegate of the Day: Leo

Unfortunately Leo is not sharing any information about his delegate in the delegate explorer. The last change (vote) he made was on 2017-11-14 as can be seen in the blockchain explorer. Acheng is rank …