Development, Lisk news, Projects, Rebranding 21st February 2018

A few things to consider before planning a Lisk based ICO has just be relaunched! The beautiful new website, wallet and especially the Lisk academy will accelerate idea creation and project formations for future Lisk based ICOs. As I’m thinking up ideas myself, …

Development 9th January 2018

(Series) Planning a Dapp on Lisk: Company Foundation, Roadmap & Exit Plan

Happy 2018 Liskers! And welcome back to the final post in our series: Planning a Dapp on Lisk Business Plan. There are several ways you can plan the organization of your blockchain project. …

Development 12th December 2017

(Series) Planning a Dapp on Lisk: ICO Contribution

Continuing our series in planning your Dapp, if you are conducting an ICO (which this series is mainly about) you need to think carefully about your token generating event and token distribution event. …

Development 1st December 2017

(Series) Planning to build a Dapp on Lisk: Seed round funding & Use of funds.

Welcome back to Planning to build a dapp on Lisk. Today we are covering a pretty important section to think about in our business plan. If you have a great idea and can …

Development 25th November 2017

(Series) Planning to build a Dapp on Lisk: Competition Comparisons

Welcome back! Hope you are still thinking about the things you are thankful for this ThanksGiving week 🙂 That is of course if you live in the US… Previously we talked about Token …

Development 17th November 2017

Series: How to plan a Dapp to build on Lisk (Token Utility)

Token Utility & Inflation Model Last week we covered the Executive Summary of a business plan. This week we’re covering token utility and tokenomics. This is a very important section of your business …

Development 14th November 2017

Series: How to plan a Dapp to build on Lisk (Business plan)

This is a basic guide to help capture your Decentralized app idea into actionable sections. Basically welcome to writing a business plan 101. Start with your idea, do you have something to build …

Development 25th October 2017

Lisk, the Blockchain app framework.

JavaScript As a developer by trade, I have built many apps, from small personal projects to large scale applications. My language of choice is JavaScript. Their community which I love, is the most populous …