30th April 2023

Colecti Token Sale Now Live! Earn an Extra 5%!!

The Colecti Token sale is now live! This marks the first official ICO for the Lisk blockchain! Use the referral link below to earn an additional 5% on your LSK deposit, while … 4th October 2021

New Tool – Delegate Ranks

It has been a little over a month since the 3.0 Lisk Migration ( Since then, has migrated all tools to their respected Legacy and new Core versions. Now, I am pleased … 20th August 2021 after the Lisk 3.0 Upgrade

Hello all, As most of you are aware, Lisk will soon undergo a major upgrade. This will take place at Block Height 16,270,292, which will be reached approximately on 21st of August 2021, … 12th April 2019

Lisk Excel now includes Vote Rewards Download

The Total Payout Tool meets Lisk Excel. Today I added a fourth download option for Lisk Excel, one for Voting Rewards. It works similarly to the Transaction download, however, it is focused only … 28th January 2019

Lisk Excel Upgrade. Forged Blocks now Available!

Today we bring you an upgrade to the Lisk Excel tool. This upgrade brings us a new feature for retrieving blocks forged by a specific delegate, as well as a general performance upgrade … 16th December 2018

Lisk Richlist Historical Data Now Available!

One of the longer planned improvements to our tools has been to add the ability to view historical data within the Lisk Richlist. It was not the simplest task to incorporate how much … 4th December 2018

November Wrap-up

November was a month filled with many updates to our tools. I wanted to take this time to highlight them in case you missed any. Prices added to Lisk Excel One of the … 17th November 2018

New Pool Audit Suite Created

Delegate Stellardynamic recently processed a set of payouts to his voters that utilized a new payout tool we have been collaborating on for some time. The tool itself has the power to audit … 15th October 2018

New Tool – Vote History

Well, since its been a very long 7 days since our last tool release, its time to release another tool from This time, we’ve created a tool in which to view individual … 8th October 2018

New Tool – Lisk Excel

A short time ago I created a Windows Desktop Application that allows a user to gather Lisk transactions and save them into an Excel file. After a few requests, I decided to make …