Lisk news 18th April 2020
Lisk Magazine

How to fund your Lisk-based project

LiskHQ and GDT delegate group are supporting developers with funding to build proof of concept blockchain applications using the Lisk SDK. LiskHQ launched Lisk Builders Program, providing a one-time grant of 2,500 CHF to …

Lisk news 27th February 2020
Lisk Magazine

Mercator Network: a deep dive into the Lisk-focused DEX by Moosty

About two weeks ago, Moosty announced the launch of a decentralized exchange based on Lisk SDK. We had the chance to ask them some questions and understand better the features and their plan …

Lisk news 23rd December 2019
Lisk Magazine

Heroes Not Zeroes: the Campaign to Push Deserving Delegates

Some members of the Discord community launched the campaign #HeroesNotZeroes, to highlight delegates that are no longer contributing to Lisk in any way. Here there are the names that can be replaced and …

Lisk news 23rd December 2019
Lisk Magazine

Lisk Week in Review – 6

Original article in Lisk Magazine Featured in this news update: – Lisk Magazine partners with Lisk Support – Dakk releases Lisk Notarize – LiskHQ on stage in Japan – Hirish releases Liskish-Wallet 2.1.0-beta – …

Lisk news, Voting 5th March 2018

Win 500usd in Lisk – ART challenge – WINNERS

[2018/03/10] And the winners are… Both on the forum and on this poll the following contenders had the most votes: 1st place winner: darkkatarsis (500usd in LSK is send) 2nd place winner: rafal …

Development, Lisk news, Projects, Rebranding 21st February 2018

A few things to consider before planning a Lisk based ICO has just be relaunched! The beautiful new website, wallet and especially the Lisk academy will accelerate idea creation and project formations for future Lisk based ICOs. As I’m thinking up ideas myself, …

Lisk news 25th November 2017

Lisk city: the Lisk ecosystem explained

During the Lisk meetup in Berlin last week, Thomas from Lisk HQ talked about “Lisk city”. With this metaphor, Thomas explained, in a very approachable way, how the Lisk ecosystem will be designed. …

Lisk news 19th November 2017 word of appreciation and updates

We would like to thank all of you for your great support for our website We’ve had over a 1000 unique visitors each day for the last week, and we even hit …

Lisk news 12th November 2017

Thank you for your donations!

The team would like to express their enormous gratitude to all the community members that have send their LSK contribution! We think this is a great example how LiskHQ likes to see …

Lisk news 24th October 2017

What gives the LSK token value?

MaxKKCo-Founder explains,  So what gives a token value? Just to name a few: It’s its uniqueness, continuous progression of the platform, potential, the team behind it, the data the network has to process, …


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