News 21st July 2020
Lisk Magazine

Time for a change in Top101: #HostsNotGhosts pushes up 11 deserving delegates

A new list of heroes has been made by community members. These names will bring fresh air into the ecosystem, contributing more to Lisk thanks to the forging position and increasing the rewards …

News 14th February 2020
Lisk Magazine

LiskHQ launches Betanet 3.0 and Changes Lisk Core’s Roadmap to Speed up Development

With the release of Lisk SDK 3.0.2, the tasks listed in the Security and Reliability phase (Lisk BFT consensus algorithm) have been successfully implemented and the Betanet 3.0.0 has been launched. LiskHQ has …

News 16th January 2020
Lisk Magazine

Year in Review: LCU Activities Report 2019

Original article in Lisk Magazine Jurre Machielsen, Raphael Cornelis and Sander Mandemaker (The Moosty Team) released the report that analyzes the activities of the Lisk Utrecht Center in 2019 and the goals related to 2020. The …

News 16th December 2019
Lisk Magazine

Lisk Week in Review – 5

Original article in Lisk Magazine Featured in this news update: – LiskHQ lays off 40% of its members – Lisk Foundation Releases Financial Update for November – Delegates’ overview and #heroesnotzeros   LiskHQ lays …