, Projects, Tools 24th September 2018

New Tool – Data Field Search

Its time for another tool from This time its a tool that allows you to search through all of the transactions with data fields, which were introduced with Core 1.0. You can …, Projects, Tools 23rd May 2018

Pending Amounts for Delegates Without Pools

We are pleased to announce an experimental feature that allows our pending tool to contain pending amounts for delegates that don’t have a running tool to show pending balances. How is this done? …, Projects, Tools 21st May 2018 Public API

Today we are happy to announce our public API! Our API offers a bunch of interesting features for developers to utilize, including pending amounts, delegate payout information, special addresses, and pool memberships. While …

Development, Lisk news, Projects, Rebranding 21st February 2018

A few things to consider before planning a Lisk based ICO has just be relaunched! The beautiful new website, wallet and especially the Lisk academy will accelerate idea creation and project formations for future Lisk based ICOs. As I’m thinking up ideas myself, …

Projects 17th February 2018

Moosecoin: an in-depth interview with the Moosty team

Hi! Can you first introduce yourself? Hi, we are Moosty, an ecosystem for musicians of the future. Our ambition is to empower musicians with a system that works in favor of being the creator …