November 12th, 2017

The Meetup in Rotterdam was amazing with a lot of (new) information. I would like to ask you as part of the community to help and spread the word. Let see if we can inspire people to join us in our Lisk adventure. We have a bright future ahead of us!

0:00 – Meetup intro by joo5ty (Dutch)
3:38 – Thomas starts his intro talk in English
6:56 – Agenda of things to talk about
– Expansion of the team
– Asia tour
– New exchanges
– Rebranding
– Academy
– Video strategy
– Decentralised exchange
– ICO suite
– Partnerships
– Satellite offices
– Blockchain incubator

9:13 – The start of LiskHQ and the idea behind the project
11:20 – The LiskHQ board of directors and the foundation in Switzerland
12:20 – LiskHQ team and partners
– Lightcurve, LiskHQ employees
– Wachsman PR, strategic brand development
– Taikonauten, design agency
– Rlevance, marketing consultant
– Expand online, online marketing SEO & SEA
– Bitcoin swiss, can liquidate large amounts of Bitcoin
– MME, legal partner
– Element, homepage video creator
– Boomerang, for broad video strategy

14:34 – LiskHQ already got calls from Google about their high potential company
15:34 – The Lisk team and the expansion
17:32 – HQ currently spending <1m (out of >100m) but will rapidly increase next year 
18:32 – LiskHQ is still hiring a lot more people
19:11 – Lisk product releases
20:32 – Lisk Nano v1.3 will probably be the last version before going all web-based
22:08 – More Asian Tour details
– Talks on summits
– Talks with exchanges
– Talks with Elite delegates
– Talks with Lisk App startups
– Interviews
– Lisk office in Shanghai might not be obvious due to regulation

35:45 – New exchanges
37:19 – Core 1.0 release soon and the basis of the SDK
39:00 – Rebranding phase1: [strategic repositioning: Rlevance
43:25 – Rebranding phase2: [UX strategy & creative rebranding
45:55 – The SDK is just the beginning
46:40 – Modular SDK ecosystem full throttle in 2018
– Flexibility
– Scalability
– Accessibility
– Security

51:24 – Mainchain and Sidechain visualization
53:04 – Ecosystem of sidechains – Value of tokens & interoperability
58:57 – Academy & Video strategy
– Animation videos to educate people
– Already 2 video production companies and probably a 3rd one will join.
– Regular videos about LiskHQ and the products

1:01:00 – How Thomas sees the future
– Everybody can become a Lisk Ambassador
– Decentralised Lisk exchange
– Exchange LSK with ICO tokens
– Lisk Wallet can manage ICO tokens
– ICO suites with 4million bounty funds for supporting community members or ICO development

1:04:00 – Evolving ecosystem
– Rebranding website, wallet, explorer
– SDK written in JavaScript
– Blockchain application platform in 2018

1:05:00 – that serves as a platform experience for the whole ecosystem
1:06:00 – App Catalog visualization
1:07:00 – Focus on utility
1:09:00 – Partnerships
– Harvard Medical School is waiting for the SDK release

1:11:00 – Lisk will support high potential ICO’s
– With financials (bounty funds)
– With the marketing team
– With endorsements

1:12:00 – Satellite offices
– LiskHQ will always stay in Berlin
– Lisk office in New York seems an obvious move?
– Lisk office in the Asian region?
– Lisk office in the Netherlands & Poland?

1:14:00 – Incubators
– Lisk providing office space to startups
– Lisk provide guidance to setup a business/foundation
– Hire mathematicians for protocol designs
– Hire lawyers for legal structures

1:15:00 Closing thoughts
– LiskHQ has one of the biggest team in the blockchain industry
– Lisk is one of the most developed projects on Github
– Based on the most popular programming language in the world
– World class contractors
– More then 120.000.000 usd funding secured in Switzerland
– Rapidly growing community
– Emerging interest from Asian region
– Focus on simplicity, scalability, security
– True long term strategy

1:18:30 – Get involved & contribute
– Ambassador program
– Offer your service to LiskHQ via github,, reddit, facebook

1:19:30 Q&A
– About the working of sidechains.
– Can I already develop an App right now?
– If my company develops a sidechain, but the Lisk mainchain stops working?
– What is currently the biggest obstacle for Lisk to overcome?
– Is there still a Lisk partnership with Microsoft for the Azure platform?
– Is the focus of Lisk on startups or enterprises?
– Is the work on the SDK public or private on Github?
– What kind of scalabilty can we expect from Lisk?
– What do you expect the price of Lisk will be in 2020?
– Will it be easier to buy Lisk with fiat in the future?

Please give us your opinion on the video in the comment section below.

For example: What parts have been new information to you and what are the most exciting items on the list?

Joo5ty and some of the Meetup members enjoying a lunch

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