October 27th, 2017


Introduction (Brief introduction of yourself)

Hello fellow LISKers,

I am 5an1ty from Belgium and have been working in IT for over 9 years, currently I work as a full stack developer with experience in docker.
I have been active in the crypto currency space since 2011, way back when bitcoin was just getting started. The moment I heard about Lisk I knew the creators were on to something, the other alternative crypto’s didn’t really excite me.

I plan to dedicate my spare time to help improve Lisk in any way possible, may it be pull requests to Lisk’s core code or building projects on Lisk.

I am the creator and one of the maintainers of https://lisk.builders a website where we try to showcase delegates that go above and beyond for Lisk.

Server Specifications

Mainnet node:
– 6 Core Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3
– 32 GB DDR 4 ECC Memory
– Redundant storage

Testnet node:
– 4 Core i7 7700k HT
– 16 GB DDR 4 Memory
– Redundant storage

Liskstats node: https://liskstats.net/

Current Contributions or Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem

Contributed to almost all LiskHQ repositories:

  1. Docker: Rewrote huge parts in an effort to make docker an easy alternative to the standard way of running a node
  2. Explorer: Changed all the internal logging code to make lisk explorer faster
  3. nano: I added a feature that allows you to vote / unvote any amount of delegates. No limit on 33.

Own projects:

  1. lisk-pool: A lisk pool in multiple configurations, solo pool, or a group pool similar to what Elite already does. (https://github.com/5an1ty/lisk-pool)
  2. lisk.builders: a website where I try to feature delegates that put a lot of effort in improving Lisk (https://lisk.builders)
  3. docker-lisk-php: Created and maintain a docker repository for a cli for lisk written in php (https://github.com/5an1ty/docker-lisk-php)
  4. docker-lisk-network-reporter: Created and maintain a docker repository for lisk-network-reporter (https://github.com/5an1ty/docker-lisk-network-reporter)

Planned projects for the next year:

  1. A vote manager utility that will allow you to easily manage your votes across multiple addresses and with 1 click submit them in Lisk nano
  2. Build out a team of close developer friends to build on the Lisk SDK when it’s released
  3. Your idea here?

Ending Statement (Explain why you will be an excellent Delegate to vote for)

I will continue to actively contribute to LISK in any way I possibly can and I will donate up to 25% of my Delegate Forging rewards as a pool to my voters.

Contact Details

GitHub: https://github.com/5an1ty
Lisk Chat: 5an1ty

5an1ty Lisk Explorer

5an1ty Delegate statistics

5an1ty Voting history

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