November 28th, 2017

I’m Simon, 34 years old, from Switzerland. I studied Computer Science and currently I’m working as a C++ coder. I have more than 10 years of experience in linux, servers, networks, security. I also have experience with Web development, Android development, JAVA, and other scripting/programming languages like Python, Bash, etc… I live fulltime in the Linux world. :D

I’m interested in everything that is related to future and technology, like Robots, Drones, Autonomous cars and AI in general, decentralized networks, 3D printing (yes, I own a 3d printer… :D ), and of course crypto currency/blockchain.

I’m in the crypto business for several years now and knew from the beginning that it will become a big thing. At that time just nobody believed me :)

Lisk is one of the Projects I see a realistic future for. It is the next step of the crypto evolution and I want to be part of it. I will run a delegate node on the Lisk network to support it, to be part of it and to push it forward!

Delegate Name: cc001
Delegate Address: 6787154358850114730L

Check out my separate website with News, Live data of my nodes, and my current projects and donations!

Find my Transparency Reports here:

Server Specifications
I’m with Lisk since the very beginning, I think I even had one of the first delegate nodes running on the first Lisk network. Since then I developed a quite sophisticated server management and monitoring environment which guarantees an extremely high availability, productivity and security.

I’m running 3 nodes on the mainnet (one master and two backups) and also 3 nodes on the testnet (All nodes are hosted on different hosters at different locations). Additionally, I have a separate management node that does all the monitoring and management of my setup.

You can check the status of all my nodes and the Lisk networks on my delegate site:

So, my setup looks like this:


  • Master: Dedicated Server 8 Cores x 3.4GHz , 16 GB RAM and 500GB of fast SSD, 1Gbps and DDoS protected (mitigation)
  • Backup: 4 Cores x 3.1GHz, 4 GB RAM and FasterThanSSD storage.
  • Backup2: 2 Cores x 2.6GHz, 2 GB RAM and SSD storage.


  • Master: 3 Cores x 2.4GHz , 4GB RAM, SSD storage
  • Backup: 2 Cores x 2GHz , 2GB RAM, SSD storage
  • Backup2: 1 Core x 2GHz, 1GB RAM, SSD storage

Current Contributions or Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem
I’m with Lisk since the very beginning and helping wherever I can. I even got rewarded for that by the Lisk Team, together with other great community members:

Here is some of what I’ve done for Lisk so far (more will follow :D )

Donations I’ve made so far

The most important job of a Lisk Delegate is to secure the network. Therefore it is crucial to have the forging nodes ALWAYS up an running. I have a very sophisticated setup. I monitor and manage my nodes 24/7 from everywhere. I get alert notifications whenever something is wrong, even if my scripts handle most of the incidents automatically.
Testnet and Mainnet shows it: I have one of the best productivity since the beginning.
Currently I am “Best Forger” and “Best Productivity” on Mainnet and also”Best Productivity” on Testnet!
Even in very hard times, with pretty bad test versions, I kept my nodes running as long as possible. I got up in the night to restart forging, and managed them from anywhere with my smartphone.

I wrote two tutorials:


As written above, I’m with Lisk since the beginning and helped testing every single version of Lisk. In more detail this is how I contributed to test and improve the released versions:

  • Tested Alpha Versions
  • Tested Release Candidates
  • Wrote Scripts and used tools to (Stress-)Test the network and the nodes
  • Gave Feedback to Oliver
  • Wrote Github Issues
  • Run all my 3 nodes all the time

I’m currently rank #1 and have the highest productivity there. … 578320196L

I’m in daily, try to help with my knowledge and help new users
I also helped to organize the biweekly meetings and try to give valuable feedback to the Lisk Team.

To push Lisk forward I will also spend a big part of my delegate income to promising Lisk projects and funds!
I already helped funding of fixcrypt.

I’m planning to do the following with my delegate income:

Top Secret
I’m currently working on one Project that helps the complete Lisk community, and I am also working on a project for my personal delegate nodes, to increase the transparency of my nodes and my income.

Ending Statement
I’m very convinced of Lisk, and I’m supporting it with all my heart, my knowledge and a lot of my time. And I will be in it for years, I even could imagine to become a fulltime Lisk delegate in the future. The Lisk community is fantastic, and together we can push Lisk to world domination and world peace :lol:

So, with your vote for my delegate you do basically three things:

  • You do support the security and reliability of the complete Lisk network with several top-notch high reliable nodes that will be always up-to-date, secure and managed with great seriousness and know-how.
  • You indirectly support the whole Lisk ecosystem, by funding a part of my delegate funds to promising other Lisk projects
  • You help me to shift more of my Time towards Lisk, to contribute even more

Last but not least:
I’ll spend the 25LSK for writing this proposal, and if I win an award for it ( … 2da59ff507), I’ll spend also half of this prize I win to attract new Lisk users, maybe with the official faucet, or a marketing/twitter campain or another promising project or the Community Fund (I’ll discuss it with the Lisk Team if they have a good idea/project in sight, what could help most to attract new users)

Thanks for your support, together we can change the world!

Contact Details
GitHub: cc001 … e;u=112638

CC001 Lisk Explorer

CC001 Delegate statistics

CC001 Voting history

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