October 30th, 2017

Forrest 25% Reward Share Pool:

Sharing 20% via forrest delegate + 5% via GDT pool.

Pool site is live – forrestpool

Weekly distribution of rewards with minimum payout limited to 2 LSK to reduce tx fees.
Thanks for your support. Cheers!!

PS: I would like to thank Lisk delegate dakk as the rewards are distributed using his open source pool script

Hello fellow LISKers, I’m in my late 20’s and I got intrigued with the crypto-currency world in July 2013 and it has been very interesting ride so far.
I’ve tried my hand in mining/staking various alt-coins. Also learned a lot about trading and investing so crypto has been a fun learning experience.
For info my first delegate proposal was posted here in April 2016.

I participated in Crypti ICO initially with 1 BTC only but later seeing its potential, I increased my holdings to almost 2 million XCR and never sold a
single coin. I was ready to HODL long term because I believed in it.
In the Crypti network there was no concept of forging rewards and a delegate had to run/maintain his node entirely out of his own pocket.
I also supported its network successfully by running a mainnet delegate for more than 6 months and stopped when it was forked to start LISK.

So I participated in LISK ICO and thus converted all my XCR into LISK and then bought some more with BTC. Currently I’m deep with my investment
in Lisk and definitely want / help it to succeed.

I believe in Lisk and its BApp platform and I will be in it for years to come. Also since the beginning of Lisk network I’ve invested a lot of time and
money to run nodes on testnet and mainnet. In the process I’ve also learned a lot and tried to help other community members with whatever
info / help I can provide.

So I’m very much interested in being an active delegate for LISK. I’ve created a delegate named forrest and would be grateful if you can provide
your valuable votes to my delegate.

Server Specifications
• Main Node : 6 CPU Cores / 8 GB RAM (Frankfurt)
• Backup 1 : 4 CPU Cores / 4 GB RAM (LA)
• Backup 2 : 2 CPU Cores / 2 GB RAM (Chicago)

• Main Node : 2 CPU Core / 4 GB RAM (Germany)
• Backup : 1 CPU Core / 2 GB RAM (UK)

Server specs would be increased if required. All servers are secured by SSH key, have SSL and DDoS protection.
Current productivity: 99.6%

Current Contributions or Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem
The Lisk community is fantastic and many have helped me directly or indirectly by answering my questions, adding to my knowledge on VPS
providers, backup server setup, failover scripts, etc. I intend to donate to community initiatives like Blockchain App development, Community Dev tools, etc. As a token of appreciation to my voters, I’m sharing 25% of my forging rewards since June 2017.

Ending Statement (Explain why you will be an excellent Delegate to vote for)
I’ve been a part of this journey since the Crypti ICO (~August 2014) and am very much interested in completing a full circle by seeing Lisk
achieve the dream it set out to achieve. I have demonstrated my ability to keep my servers always green & secured with high productivity
and I will put my best efforts to continue doing so in the future.

Also as a delegate I believe that the primary responsibility of the delegate is to secure the network by keeping his node as much green/active
as possible which I’ve been doing since I started forging on Mainnet.

Thanks for your support, I appreciate it!

Transparency Report : is here

Contact Details
E-Mail: forrest.lisk@(NOSPAM)gmail.com
lisk.chat: forrest
BitcoinTalk.org: Forrest01


Forrest Lisk Explorer

Forrest Delegate statistics

Forrest Voting history

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