October 21st, 2017


I am a freelance software developer with over 10 years experience in a lot of different programming languages C++,C#, Swift, Objective-C, Java, PHP, Javascript, SQL.

Liskpool.com rewards all voters with a share of the pool rewards + fees.

75% of the pool forging rewards will be paid to the voters 15% will be used to pay for the servers and future Lisk eco system development.

Liskpool.com payouts are processed automatically when your balance reaches 10 Lisk.

Liskpool aims for multiple delegates but will never run more then 20 delegates (delegate names are registered under liskpool_com_01 – liskpool_com_20).

Server Specifications

The delegates will be hosted on dedicated hardware in different co-locations in the EU/US.

Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem

Running several active delegates will allow me to focus solely on the Lisk eco system and help with the software development.
One of the first projects I would like to build is a mobile wallet.

Ending Statement

If you vote for the liskpool_com_xx delegates you wil receive a steady income on your Lisk holdings and will give me the opportunity to help with software development in the Lisk eco-system.

The second highest ranking LiskPool delegate is liskpool_com_03 rank 227#

Contact Details
Website: http://www.liskpool.com
E-Mail: info@liskpool.com
Twitter: #Liskpool

liskpool_com_01 in Lisk Explorer

liskpool_com_01 Delegate statistics

liskpool_com_01 Voting history

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