October 22nd, 2017

Introduction (Brief introduction of yourself)

I am the Chinese Community Manager Luiz Chen,who has support Lisk from the very beginning,you can see my name on the  under the Country Ambassadors,I manage the promotion of Lisk in China.and now,we have a QQ group more then 1200 people communicate about Lisk everyday and we have a develop group with about 100 people,studying about Dapp development,i cant say all of them will develop Dapps,but i can say that you would see Dapps release from China.

Server Specifications

Due to the GFW in China, I have to run delegate node in Japan on Vultr
here are the specifications.

Current node setup:
Hosted on Vultr
10000GB Bandwidth

Current Contributions or Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem

There have many problem about Lisk in China,stability of the network(GFW),too little nodes,exchanges,community activity.
so I have some plans to solve these problems.

1.China foundation fund
China foundation fund is a fund which control by me and Max,both of us have the passphrase,this is a fund for the marketing ,management of community,promotion in China,building network of Lisk, App contest, and so on.
I will use 20-50% of forging reward from “Luiz” to support this fund, and I recommand delegates to support us.

2.Chinese Local node support
I would build a node network of Lisk at least 20 nodes to support the network in China.now i am managing 14 nodes,7 in China,3 in HongKong,3 in Singapore,1 in Japan.
Here are the nodes list: http://dws.cetools.cn/api/lisk/lisk.asp#

3.Lisk App development suppport
With these funds,I plan to support one or two develop team to develop Lisk App,I have two idea about apps,one is for torrent sharing,one is for lottery

Ending Statement (Explain why you will be an excellent Delegate to vote for)

I am a partner with Max for more then 2 years from Crypti,there still have a long way to go and there still have many things to be done in China for Lisk,maybe I am not the best guy for this, but I think am the right guy for now.

Contact Details

QQ : 172745233
Wechat : luizchen
weibo : http://weibo.com/luizchen
E-main :cly66666666@163.com

Luiz in Lisk Explorer

Luiz Delegate statistics

Luiz Voting history

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