December 7th, 2017

Hey liskers,

I’m Rooney and a investor of LISK ICO, live in New York for now. I’m running a LISK node on Digital Ocean since 4/12/2016.
My auto-reward system is an open source software now(wroten by PHP)

My server detail(will upgrade later if necessary, last update on 1/14/2016)
8GB Memory
4 Cores CPU
80GB SSD Disk
Transfer: 5TB

4GB Memory
2 Cores CPU
40GB SSD Disk
Transfer: 4TB

My LISK forging node: (DDOS attack protection added, will be online again shortly and reward to all my voters) reward policy:
1. 30% forged LISKs for voters, 10% for LISK ecosystem and community, 10% for maintaining server, 20% for my personal purpose and 30% for my upcoming Dapp development.

2. Every active Voter gets reward daily and automatically based on voting power, and gets withdrawal daily and automatically as well if the balance is greater than or equal 1 LISK. The reward will be added to voter balance first on, then will withdraw to your LISK address. (reward process will start on 01/01/2017 approximately)

3. Rewards are handled at 12PM New York Time, withdrawals are handled at 1AM approximately.

Contact Details

E-Mail: nzwzdl[at]
GitHub: Rooney

Lisk Explorer

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