November 2nd, 2017


Hello fellow Liskers!!

I fell in love with the blockchain revolution three years ago and since then my interest has been growing exponentially. I have been working on the IT field for 15 years, I see blockchains as the future and LISK for me is inspiring: it is a way to access to the future and make a better world.

As a blockchain enthusiast I see Lisk as a great opportunity to participate from the beginning in the construction of something special. We can learn from other projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other crypto projects: identify improvement areas, learn from their success and failures, etc. And there is space for everybody.

My intent as a delegate will be to promote a resilient and secure network as well as a growing and healthy ecosystem.

I had an initial investment in Lisk but afterwards I increased my holdings with a big portion of my savings as a prove of my commitment with Lisk: founders, team, investors, community and even future users. I humbly request your vote and I will do whatever is in my hand to make Lisk a best practice and success story. Thanks a lot.

My delegate node is tembo: address 2433857930558702776L

Besides spending time with family, my hobbies include trekking, reading, music, travel to enjoy and learn from other cultures and investing.

Server Specifications

It is not as important to have a super-machine cluster as being able to identify quickly better working architectures and be able to scale fast when necessary. I am following nicely the plan. Learning from best practices in the community (GDT fellows gr33nDrag0n, ccc01, mrv scripts…), adjusting parameters from others and my own experience, etc. I love Lisk blockchain spirit of sharing, openness…great!!

One last comment on this topic, but a very important one: I am supporting Lisk Testnet. It is critical from the development and security stand point.

Current and Planned Contributions to the Lisk Ecosystem

Following tembo pool and lottery announcement I will distribute forging rewards as follows:

* 50% future app ecosystem boost: Lisk blockchain/sidechain app investment
* 25% sharing with voters: GDT group pool, tembo pool and lottery
* 25% other uses: donations, IT costs and other personal expenses

Present and past donations include:
* Script and tool development: gr33ndrag0n/, mrv, cc001, hmachado, isabella, carbonara.
* Lisk Promotion initiatives: LiskRomaniaPromoFund (atreides), Italian Liskers FULIG (Conferences), Lisk Awareness Initiative, Lisk Community Assets,
* Security and formal verification base studies: veriform.

In the near future, with SDK launch and deployment, Lisk ecosystem will enter in the next stage. I would like to contribute to boost app development by investing in good projects. As we have witnessed in other blockchains such as Ethereum, growth is important but we need to ensure security at all levels. Looking for projects that contribute to a secure bapp development, including some sort of formal verification and that promote security best practices (audits, transparency, etc) will be my focus.

As you can see, my plan is to distribute rewards having in mind all Liskers profiles, combining a healthy distribution between sharing with supporters, bapp investment, donations, etc.

Ending Statement

Lisk is a great blockchain app platform. It started small but is scaling rapidly. Next year we will see Lisk app explosion: Internet of Things, social bapps, identity, small loans and banking for the unbanked, etc. We can really help the world and it is very much needed. I am in!!

As you can see, I supported Lisk from early stages with a good chunk of my savings as prove of my commitment and I have been spreading the word to other fellow investors about Lisk. This kind of actions will have a more visual and tangible effect when we launch first blockchain applications. Lisk from the investment side was my entry point due to my hobbies but now I am a believer, and I request your vote to maintain and multiply my participation, support spanish community, boost app development and help increase security. Together we will do our best to make Lisk the best practice of the blockchain industry.

Contact Details

Lisk Chat: tembo


Tembo Lisk Explorer

Tembo Delegate statistics

Tembo Voting history

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