October 20th, 2017

Delegate of the Day: ThePool

Fully open-source pool aka delegate rewards sharing!

Delegate name ThePOOL
Open-source code

75% of rewards are shared between voters, proportionally to vote power.
25% rewards are kept for developing useful software for Lisk ecosystem like ones below, funds will be accumulated for better times.


Encourage everyone to contribute to liskstats.net by running background software along with Lisk core node, Lisk-network-reporter utilizes web sockets to get best overview on network. Reporting software does not affect Lisk core efficiency, reliability and productivity.

The Lisk Network Stats opensource hub can be found at Github.

ThePool is not going to publish any transparency reports as text, the best transparency report can be found at Github.

The Pool in Lisk Explorer

ThePool Delegate statistics

ThePool Voting history

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