February 13th, 2018

We like to thank the Lisk forging pool GDT  for making a large contribution to Lisk.support. We have received LSK for our team and also to do a lot more contest rewards for the community.

GDT is a decentralized group that develops, tests and promotes the Lisk ecosystem. GDT was formed in early 2016, before the launch of the Lisk MainNet. All delegates have since put their time, passion and technical expertise at the service of Lisk. GDT members are located decentralised around the globe. GDT is a very active Lisk pool that brainstorms with the Lisk community and directly contribute with code.

The current 33 GDT members that are all active delegates.
They share with the community both via the GDT pool and via private pools:

  • 4miners.net
  • 5an1ty
  • alepop
  • bioly
  • cc001
  • corsaro
  • dakk
  • eclipsun
  • forrest
  • gdtpool
  • goldeneye
  • gr33ndrag0n
  • grumlin
  • hagie
  • hmachado
  • joel
  • joo5ty
  • kushed.delegate
  • liskgate
  • liskit
  • mrv
  • nerigal
  • ntelo
  • ondin
  • philhellmuth
  • punkrock
  • redsn0w
  • sgdias
  • slasheks
  • splatters
  • tembo
  • vekexasia
  • vi1son

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