November 14th, 2017

This is a basic guide to help capture your Decentralized app idea into actionable sections. Basically welcome to writing a business plan 101.

  1. Start with your idea, do you have something to build or a problem that needs solving in a decentralized way?

Business plan 101 table of contents

Below is a basic outline

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Token Utility & Inflation Model
  3. Competition Comparisons
  4. Target Audience
  5. Seed Round Funding
  6. Use of Funds
  7. Marketing Plan
  8. ICO Token Distribution
  9. Company: Foundation
  10. Additional Revenue Streams
  11. Roadmap Phase 1 (pre-ICO)
  12. Roadmap 2018 (post-ICO)
  13. Exit Plan

You can build a Dapp without raising funds, for this table of contents above I added the sections needed to describe your token distribution or token generating events.

Executive Summary

This is where you describe what your dapp does and what problems it’s trying to solve.

Below is an example:


Futuratum (FUTR) is a prediction engine, with initial focus on the cryptocurrency markets. The decentralized app will be built using the Lisk platform ( Initially, the Futuratum dapp will leverage the following data sources to predict volume and price movements in cryptocurrency markets:

1.) Social Media Mention Volume

2.) Social Media Sentiment

3.) Cryptocurrency Exchange Data

Futuratum’s key qualities are:

  1. Predictive Analytics Futuratum will support predictive models with a wide variety of predictive variables including mention frequency and sentiment of selected terms on popular forums.
  2. Decentralized Futuratum is an open and constantly evolving network, there is no limit to the user created data models or prediction market verticals.
  3. Timing Cryptocurrencies saw massive growth in 2017 and the fast moving new asset class is prime for more maturation and public understanding and interest and exponential value growth in 2018.

The data sourcing, processing and modeling functionality will be decentralized through the dapp client and the Futuratum blockchain. Price predictions and currency functionality will be viewable and usable from within the dapp, Futum tokens will be required for access.

Decentralization Goals

  • The data miner nodes (running the client dapps) will be able to create and submit their own data models.
  • Users can choose other markets and verticals to run their own predictive models.

Be sure to include what makes your Dapp stand out and how decentralization is necessary or aiding with your venture.


In the next post in this series we will cover the Tokenomics sections.


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