November 25th, 2017

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Previously we talked about Token Economics.

Today we are covering Competition Comparisons & Target Audience.

In the Executive Summary you must easily convey why your project is important, what is the value that is added for users and investors, what it does in a couple of paragraphs. Now it’s time to talk about how you differ from the competition, if any exists.

If you don’t have any apparent competition great! However it will usually be the case that you do, especially in today’s saturated ICO scene.

Here are some points to thing about.

  1. Narrow your target market
    1. Perhaps you can zero-in on a smaller segment of users better than your competitors can.
  2. Superior customer service
    1. Can you provide better customer service than your rivals?
  3. Be innovative
    1. Does your development team have better chops than the competition? Or employing newer and better technology and or methodologies to your development roadmap.
  4. Make it easier
    1. Have an easier to understand website and product, better interface, better contact with users.
  5. Unique business model
    1. Is there some way you can employ your product or services in a unique and or more usable way than the competitors?

Futuram example



Raised 5.2 million (2015) Raised 12.5 million (2017)

A major difference in functionality is that both platforms only use direct crowdsourced predictions, where as Futuratum in addition to crowd predictions also leverages data models which rely on cutting edge machine learning and big data processing to scientifically forecast and determine predictions.

Futuratum users could also use our platform to create better predictions to help improve their oracles on Augur and Gnosis. This usage will be encouraged.



Futuratum’s initial target audience is cryptocurrency investors, traders, and users who curate predictions for platforms such as Augur and Gnosis. The first user base to be introduced to Futuratum will be Lisk investors, users, delegates and Javascript developers. These users are naturally incentivized to help promote and market Futuratum.

Our expansion plan includes expanding data modeling and prediction engine usage in other market verticals and spaces such as data analytics, statistics, research as well as data science for any subject.

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