December 23rd, 2019

Some members of the Discord community launched the campaign #HeroesNotZeroes, to highlight delegates that are no longer contributing to Lisk in any way. Here there are the names that can be replaced and the list of active standby delegates that might be pushed in forging position.

Since the halving of Lisk, that reduced the reward to 2 LSK per block, and due to reorganizations of groups, the delegate landscape changed a lot.
Some delegates stopped to share rewards with voters, but addressing this money to the development of sidechain projects and to grow the ecosystem; meanwhile others stopped to share but without adding value to Lisk, sometimes even without a public announcement. Furthermore, there are documented cases where delegates dumped their LSK stack and are now exploiting this position only to further sell the entire forged amount.

This situation brought Lisk investors, supporters and even forging delegates to discuss about it and coordinate the efforts to change the scenario.
Therefore, two lists came up: one with the forging delegates that is pursuing a non-collaborative behavior (Zeroes) and one with people that daily work for the ecosystem. Those, called Heroes, are standby delegates that are contributing in many ways (developing new tools, improving Lisk security, engaging the community with media activities).


Zeroes (forging delegates)
Heroes (standby delegates)
adrianhunter endro
iii.element.iii lemii
crodam moosty
lwyrup korben3
zy1349 liskmagazine
carolina gym
liskpool_com_01 minions
joo5ty jong
blackswan prolina

One-click vote changer via Lisk Hub


After the launch of the campaign, Crodam, zy1349 and blackswan came in Discord for the first time to explain their position. Crodam confirmed to not share rewards anymore, blackswan started to share 5% and zy1349 said that he will start sharing soon. No future contributions were announced.

As reported in the Week Review, the campaign already brought to a massive movement of votes, indeed over 7 million LSK changed their votes in the last two weeks.
If you support the campaign, share it on Twitter!

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