April 18th, 2020

LiskHQ and GDT delegate group are supporting developers with funding to build proof of concept blockchain applications using the Lisk SDK.

LiskHQ launched Lisk Builders Program, providing a one-time grant of 2,500 CHF to two proof of concept blockchain applications per month.
Apply now: https://liskhq.typeform.com/to/GxuOBT

GDT launched the Lisk POC bounty, granting up to 2,000 LSK to one project per month.
Apply now: https://gdtdiscord.typeform.com/to/ec4wFj

There is no focus on a specific theme and, in both initiatives, the chosen project needs to be finished in 6 weeks after the announcement.
Projects already selected by LiskHQ builders program are not eligible for GDT bounty, while the vice versa is allowed (projects funded by GDT can apply for LiskHQ grant).

So far, LiskHQ have selected Chronicler, a decentralized archive for storing and verifying websites, developed by Sidechain Solutions, and Lisk.bike, a decentralized bicycle sharing marketplace, developed by Lisk Center Utrecht.
Recently, community member Caspar announced to be also a winner of the grant, proposing ‘chip-to-chain’ technology. The aim of this prototype is to build a secure micro-chip to store data, that can also sign blockchain transactions, without external key management. At the current state of art, the digital identity of an object is represented through a QR code or encrypted NFC tag; thanks to this initiative, the object itself will be able to sign blockchain transactions, authorizing preprogrammed payments or storing and sharing signed and encrypted data.

In the Lisk Builders Program each participant is required to undergo a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure for receiving the funding and a grant agreement between the Lisk Foundation and the participant needs to be signed.

LCU is working to link these standalone initiatives with the upcoming incubator/accelerator, as a natural step to turn ideas into successful projects. Through incubator’s programs, LCU plans to provide tech consultancy, startup management advisoring and connections with blockchain Venture Capitals.

The acceleration programme at Lisk Center has recently acquired a grant from the Utrecht municipality. Due to the covid-19 outbreak, the program is currently being reworked to become an online course with virtual gatherings. The first batch of companies is set to start before July.

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