December 23rd, 2019

Original article in Lisk Magazine

Featured in this news update:

– Lisk Magazine partners with Lisk Support
– Dakk releases Lisk Notarize
– LiskHQ on stage in Japan
– Hirish releases Liskish-Wallet 2.1.0-beta
– Lisk.js 2020 announced by LiskHQ
– Delegates’ overview and #heroesnotzeros


Lisk Magazine partners with Lisk Support
Since this week, Lisk Magazine officially collaborates with Lisk Support, to provide fresh news to its users. Lisk Support is a platform that hosts a wide range of tools for Lisk investors and community members: Lisk Pending, Total Payouts and Vote History are services that allow investors to manage their votes, while Lisk Richlist, Lisk Chainanalysis, Lisk Excel and Data Field Search allow visitors to browse information regarding wallets and transactions.
Since the departure of Lisknews, the website stopped to share updates to its visitors and, from now on, Lisk Magazine will cover that role. Tonyt908 is in charge of the maintenance and development of the platform.


Dakk releases Lisk Notarize
Delegate Dakk released the first version of Lisk Notarize, a library that helps developers to notarize and timestamp single documents or large sets of documents using the Lisk blockchain. Soon it will be released also as a command line tool.
Github link:


LiskHQ on stage in Japan
On December 19th, Japanese Lisk community hosted Max Kordek, Co-founder at Lisk, during the last Digital Asset Conference. After the Fireside Chat with Max, many questions came up during the AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) Session. The agenda continued with a Fireside Chat with Shusetsu Toda, Lisk Lead Backend Developer.


Hirish releases Liskish-Wallet 2.1.0-beta
As there were some connectivity issues regarding Ledger devices, Hirish delegate fixed them and released the new version, after personally testing it on all 3 mayor OS.
You can find the last version of Liskish wallet here:


Lisk.js 2020 announced by LiskHQ
The first edition was the chance to get developers aware of the potentialities of Lisk blockchain (180+ attendees, 50+ developers) and LiskHQ is already working on the next edition. The event will be held on November 6th-7th in Berlin. The official registration will be open in early 2020, but in the meantime you can pre-register for the conference here.


Delegates’ overview and #heroesnotzeros
According to LiskMonitor, this week there was again a huge change of votes in delegate landscape. The campaign #heroesnotzeros is pushing up some standby delegates, while some individual delegates that are not sharing rewards nor contributing to Lisk ecosystem suffered a major loss of votes.
At group level, Elite lost globally 47 million LSK, GDT lost 22 million LSK, while Sherwood and Ascend gained respectively +1.2 and 2.3 million of votes. Elite also announced that adrianhunter and iii.element.iii are no more part of the group, therefore they are individual delegates but there were no statements about sharing rewards.
At individual level, the biggest individual losses came up for adrianhunter [-8.9M], iii.element.iii [-9M], liskpool_com_01 [-7M], philhelmuth [-6.3M], joo5ty [-5M], blackswan [-4.9M], caronlina [-4.5M]. Also Crodam, lwyrup and zy1349 lost over 7 million LSK each. These names correspond also to the 10 delegates targeted by #heroesnotzeros due to low contributions.
The most voted delegates are: moosty [+2.9M], lemii [+3M], korben3 [+2.3M], liskmagazine [+2.6M], [+1.7M], minions [+4.3M], gym [+2.4M], robinhood [+815k], endro [+820k], gregorst [+4.5M].

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