June 15th, 2018

Estimated Payout Dates & Days until Payout

The Pending Tool now includes an estimated payout date + the number of days until a payout should take place. You can view the expected date via a tooltip by hovering over the delegates name, or the number of days until it will take place by hovering over the % of Min Earned. Both are also available by opening up the dropdown when you click on the delegate.

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that a payout will actually happen on this date, but that it is a best estimation based on a number of variables. Some factors that could potentially throw off the dates:

  • Delegates paying out on a different date
  • Delegates temporarily changing their minimum payout amount
  • Drastic shift in a delegates vote weight
  • Adding/Removing Lisk from your address

API Calls

This information is readily available for devs to incorporate into their own projects via our API. I decided to break it down into 3 calls. One for delegates that have verified pending amounts, another for delegates that have estimated pending amounts, and one that includes both. The calls are as follows:

All Payout Dates: api.lisk.support/v1/allpayoutdates/{address}
Verified Payout Dates: api.lisk.support/v1/verifiedpayoutdates/{address}
Estimated Payout Dates: api.lisk.support/v1/estimatedpayoutdates/{address}

To view our full API, go to api.lisk.support

Estimated Pending Amounts Improvement

One of the things we promised when we launched the Estimated Pending Amounts for delegates without tools was that we would improve on the speed of the call. Today, we deliver on that promise. You will notice that the call is now just as fast, if not faster, than the normal pending call!

Mobile Improvements

Some users may have noticed some things were slightly out of place on the pending tool under certain resolutions. Our guru gijs did an excellent job with an enhancement to make the page even more friendly to all resolutions! Now everything should be in their proper place, no matter what screen you are viewing from 🙂

Lisk.support Twitter

Finally, Lisk.support now has a Twitter! Follow us @SupportLisk

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  1. Great progress. Maybe you make a video with a overall introduction and put it in Media, to update there smth to.
    People like to watch videos to get the good progress for more enthusiasm.

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