December 16th, 2018

One of the longer planned improvements to our tools has been to add the ability to view historical data within the Lisk Richlist. It was not the simplest task to incorporate how much Lisk any particular address had at an exact moment in the chain, let alone every address that existed at that time. However, I was finally able to solve the problem in a manner that was suitable for this tool. I hope you enjoy it!


It would be virtually impossible to allow the user the select the very exact moment in the chain to look up all of this data. Therefore, we had to define a frequency in which to update the info for. Starting at the very beginning of the Lisk chain, the tool will allow you to see the data once a week. Therefore, new updates will occur automatically every week!

How do you view this information?

Simple. When you first navigate to the Richlist, the information displayed will be the current data. At the top, you will see a dropdown that says “Current”. Just click that dropdown, and select the date in which you want to view 🙂


This update has brought a lot of potential ideas to the table. For starters, while it is nice that you can now click and view each dataset individually, it would be even better to have the option to see some of this data in one place, such as within line charts. I think the best option is to include a new section to compare historical data over time. However, I want to take some time to plan it out and come up with some more ideas, as well as gather feedback from the community.

Like always, I hope you find this update useful. If you have any feedback, please let me know! Your support is always appreciated!


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