August 20th, 2021

Hello all,

As most of you are aware, Lisk will soon undergo a major upgrade. This will take place at Block Height 16,270,292, which will be reached approximately on 21st of August 2021, 10am CEST. This is a very exciting time for the Lisk community, as we will experience a brand new address system, new delegate voting, dynamic fees, and more.

That said, this upgrade will break the vast majority of the features here at As I am now the lone operator of the site, it will take some to time get everything 100% operational. I will work hard to do so, but I do not have an estimate as to when that will be. The plan is, shortly after the upgrade, will be briefly taken down for some essential maintenance and updates. Once up, there will still be tools and features that will not be ready to go, but will be rolled out one at a time as they are fixed/completed.

Some of the plans include:

– Legacy tools: Some tools will remain mostly intact as they are, however they will forced only on old data, up to the 16,270,292 block height.

– Migrated Tools: This section will simply be referred to as Tools on the site. These tools will function mostly the same as they do now, but will focus on data within the new 3.0 Lisk World (Block Height 16,270,293 – Current). NOTE: Some tools may appear in both Legacy and Migrated Tools

– Deleted Tools/Features: Ultimately there are certain aspects of the site that have either long served its purpose, or simply don’t make sense in the 3.0 world. In order to maintain the best experience possible for Lisk users, these tools and features will be removed

– New Tools: This will be the last step in the migration, and one that will be ongoing for some time. The new update gives us the opportunity for new tools and features. Some of these are already planned, while others will ultimately present themselves as time goes on.

Overall, while it may be overwhelming to think about, I am very excited for the upcoming changes, and committed to providing valuable tools and content for the community.

Please keep in mind that votes will be reset with this update. If you find this site and the services provided here worthwhile, please consider a vote for me, tonyt908. Thank you.

One Reply to “ after the Lisk 3.0 Upgrade”

  1. hi i am milad Unfortunately, the atomic wallet no longer supports Lisk currency and I can not take it out. I transferred it to the guarda wallet with a private key, but no amount is displayed for me. Please help me.