September 18th, 2018

I’d like to take this time to clear up any confusion that may have come up lately regarding the delegate.

First off, the website will not change one bit. We will still develop and maintain all aspects of the website. Nothing changes regarding the website one bit.

Now, that said, the delegate is no longer being pursued. This was a collective decision. We as a group came to a unanimous decision on that. For a variety of reasons the support for that delegate just wasn’t there, it was hard to market, and quite frankly the effort to get together as a team to make decisions for the delegate would have been time used that could have better suited the community.

I personally think this allows each of us as individuals to continue to contribute to, while also being able to work on and highlight our contributions elsewhere, Lisk or otherwise. For me specifically, that means running my own delegate and being able to advertise my non contributions. You may view my delegate proposal at

As a thank you to those who have pledged support to the delegate, I have sent 1 LSK (the cost of a vote) from my personal stack. I want you to be able to deliver your support for whichever delegate(s) you support at no further cost. I only ask that you consider a vote for me, but there is no obligation to do so.

As always, thank you for being such a wonderful community and all the support you have shown us! The future is as bright as ever!


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