May 21st, 2018

Today we are happy to announce our public API! Our API offers a bunch of interesting features for developers to utilize, including pending amounts, delegate payout information, special addresses, and pool memberships. While we will discuss each section here briefly, you may view our full documentation at

Pending Amounts

Gather pending amounts from any address. You can gather the current amounts, or what was accumulated on any date, starting on May 1st, 2018.

Current Pending Amounts:{address}
Pending Amounts on Particular Date:{address}/{date}
List of Available Pending Dates:

Delegate Payout Info

Gather payout information from delegates currently paying out for voting for them. This information includes minimum payouts, sharing percentage, payout frequency, next payout cron string, next payout date, and a link to their public pool (if available). A few things to keep in mind:

– This information is only concerned with delegates that are currently forging.

– Additionally, it is only concerned with delegate/pools who pay out from their own address(es). This is particularly confusing for gdt members, as some members pay out entirely through the gdtpool delegate, and others do not. To further clarify, I’ll use two examples:

    – – 5an1ty shares 25% entirely through gdtpool. Therefore, he is not included in this data.

    – – alepop shares 25% individually, as well as an additional 6.25% through gdtpool. Because he shares individually, he is included in this data.

For more thorough information on all delegates, we suggest looking at dpos-tools-data at

Delegate Payout Info:

Special Addresses

Need to identify addresses that belong to exchanges or HQ members? This is the API for you.

NOTE – Exchange information may be incomplete. We are asking for the help of the Lisk Community to provide us with any additional addresses that may be missing.



Finally, we offer the ability to gather which delegates are members of a particular pool. You may gather a list of their names, or you can gather their names, addresses, and public keys as well.

Pools – Delegate Names:{pool name}
Pools – Delegate Names, Address, and Public Key:{pool name}/addresses

Coming Soon – Developer Page

Eventually we would like to create a development page here at to showcase developers and projects that utilize our API. Right now, hirish is utilizing our pending data to use for his Lisk Nano fork. He is also utilizing it for another fun little project that I’m sure the community will love! If you are going to be working on a project that utilizes our API, let us know!

More to Come!

While we are excited about this newest release, we are already developing more features to be added soon! So make sure you check back later!

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