September 24th, 2018

Its time for another tool from This time its a tool that allows you to search through all of the transactions with data fields, which were introduced with Core 1.0. You can check it out here.

Search Term

All search terms are case insensitive. This means entering a term ‘’ will effectively bring up ‘LISK.SUPPORT’ as well. Also, we have included a toggle to allow you to distinguish between an exact term match, or a data field which contains your term.

From Time – To Time

You can narrow down your search to any Date/Time range you want. By default, the From Date/Time is set to the Lisk Epoch of May 24, 2016 5:00 PM, and the To Date/Time is set to the current Date/Time.


You can also narrow your search down to a specific sender and/or receiver address. This will help narrow down your results if it is a common term and you only want results for a specific address

Final Tips

– All fields can be left blank.
– For now, you are limited to 1,000 transactions that meet your criteria. We will expand on this in the future.
– Transactions are sorted by most recent to least recent

Use Cases

As the Data Field is relatively new, we realize that the use cases for this tool are rather limited at the moment. However, what can be accomplished with this tool, as well as the data field itself, is up to the user. Perhaps delegates wish to mark their donations as such in the data field, and allow users to publicly search for those transactions. Or maybe you want to quickly search through all of your transactions to bring up a sort of “transaction statement”. Or maybe you are just curious as to what is being put into these fields and want to search the latest transactions on the block chain with data fields. The uses are up to you!


We appreciate all the support we have gotten for all of our tools. If you find them useful, please consider a vote for TonyT908. You may view my proposal at

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