October 8th, 2018

A short time ago I created a Windows Desktop Application that allows a user to gather Lisk transactions and save them into an Excel file. After a few requests, I decided to make a web version of the app. Today, I am proud to release the Lisk Excel Tool!


You can narrow your search down to a specific sender and/or receiver address. Keep in mind that entering the same address for the Sender Address and Recipient Address fields will result in only transactions that the entered address has sent to itself. If you want all incoming and outgoing transactions from a particular address, use the Sender Or Recipient Address field.

From Time – To Time

You can narrow down your search to any Date/Time range you want. By default, the From Date/Time is set to the Lisk Epoch of May 24, 2016 5:00 PM, and the To Date/Time is set to the current Date/Time.

Transaction Type

Transactions can also be narrowed down to a single Transaction Type:

– Type 0: Transfer
– Type 1: 2nd Passphrase
– Type 2: Delegate Registration
– Type 3: Votes
– Type 4: Multi-Sig Registration
– Type 5: Application Registration
– Type 6: Transfer Lisk to Sidechain
– Type 7: Transfer Lisk from Sidechain


Final, it is possible to limit transaction to any minimum and maximum amounts of Lisk sent. Note: Entering 0 for Maximum effectively results in no maximum limit.

Final Tips

– All fields can be left blank.
– Downloads are limited to 10,000 transactions at a time. If you require more, try breaking your search terms into smaller chunks and combining them manually.


I have some updates in mind for the future of this tool. For starters, I want to incorporate an option to include price per Lisk/Transaction for every transaction. I’m still working on all the details on it, but I think that once its done it will be a really nice additional feature.

Also, I have been talking with Lemii over at Lisk.chat. For those who don’t know, Lemii is the developer of the Delegate Incoming Monitor (DIM), a tool to collect data from all blocks forged by a delegate in a certain time period, including the value per block in BTC/USD/EUR at the time of forging. The idea is to port this feature over onto Lisk Excel in the near future, so stay tuned for that 🙂

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