July 11th, 2018

We are excited to release our newest tool today, the Lisk Richlist! The purpose of this tool is to shed further light on how Lisk is distributed amongst all wallets and how much these wallets are currently valued at.

Video Demonstration

Starting with this release, we will be making video demonstrations of all new tools, as well as important updates. We believe this will not only help greatly with exposure, but also accommodate users who prefer videos over blog posts. The link to our Richlist demonstration can be found here:

Lisk Distribution

The wallets are divided into different groups based on their current LSK balance, starting with >0-1, >1-10, >10-100, all the way up to >10,000,000 – 100,000,000. You can see how much Lisk is contained within each group, the number of wallets, and how much they are worth in USD and BTC. You can also see a percentage breakdown comparing it to other groups in terms of both number of wallets and amount of Lisk.

Addresses richer than….

At the bottom, we have a breakdown of how many wallets are valued at over $1, $10, $100… all the way to $10,000,000. We also have a similar breakdown for BTC.


At the top, we offer a number of toggles. The Exchange and HQ Address toggles allow you to keep or filter out those specific wallets. To view which wallets these include, take a look at our API:


If we are missing any addresses, please let us know. We want to keep all of our tools as accurate as possible, and we need your help to do so!

Additionally, there is the “Totals ASC” toggle. With this toggle on, the stacked total percentages you see in each group ( inside the () ) are ascending, or from the top to bottom. This means if you are looking at the >100 – 1000 group, and that toggle is on, then the totals will include all wallets that contain at least 1000 LSK. However, if the toggle is off, then the total are descending, or bottom to top. Again, if you are looking at the >100 – 1000 group, and this toggle is off, the total will include all wallets with more than 100 LSK instead.


Tell us what you think below, or on Twitter (@SupportLisk)!

2 Replies to “New Tool – Lisk Richlist!”

  1. Nice tool! Great to make a difference between not voting Exchange Wallets and active Wallets.
    Its possible to add in some way, how much % of each category are currently active voters?

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