October 15th, 2018

Well, since its been a very long 7 days since our last tool release, its time to release another tool from Lisk.support. This time, we’ve created a tool in which to view individual votes cast according to a user’s credentials. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Some examples of what you could view with this tool:

– All votes cast for a particular delegate
– All votes removed from a particular delegate the past week
– All votes cast in the past 48 hours
– All votes cast by a particular address
– etc etc etc

Vote Type

Vote Type can be limited to 3 different criteria:

– Added Votes
– Removed Votes
– All

Voter Address and Delegate Name

Very simply, you can narrow your search down to a specific voting address and/or delegate name.

From Time – To Time

You can narrow down your search to any Date/Time range you want. By default, the To Date/Time is set to the current Date/Time, and the From Date/Time is set to exactly one month prior to the current Date/Time. You can adjust these to fit whatever time range you desire.


Finally, it is possible to limit votes to any minimum and maximum vote weight an address currently has. Note: Entering 0 for Maximum effectively results in no maximum limit.

Overall Information

Once you enter your search, there will be 3 groups of information at the top of the screen, Search Parameters, Total Votes, and Vote Weight. Search Parameters just shows what you are searching for. This is helpful for situations where you may have entered the search incorrectly. Total Votes shows the number of added votes, removed votes, and an overall total for both within the search parameters. Vote Weight is similar to Total Votes, except it focuses on the vote weight of those votes.

Table of Information

If you need more specific information, a table below will show the entire vote history within your search terms. It will show Date/Time, Voter Id, Voter Name, Current Vote Weight, Delegate Name, and Vote Type. Note that some columns may not be shown if they are not relevant to your search (for example, if you specify a delegate name for your search, the delegate name column will not appear as it would be the same for every result). Also note that by clicking on any result, it will open a new window with that specific transaction on Lisk Explorer.


Results in the table are limited to 1,000 vote transactions. If you wish to view another set of 1,000, click the drop down and choose which set you’d like to view.


One improvement we will be making in the future will be with sorting. Right now, the tool sorts all results by Timestamp. We would like to expand on that in the not-so-distant future to give users more options.


We appreciate all the support we have gotten for all of our tools. If you find them useful, please consider a vote for TonyT908. You may view my proposal at TonyT908.com.

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