December 4th, 2018

November was a month filled with many updates to our tools. I wanted to take this time to highlight them in case you missed any.

Prices added to Lisk Excel

One of the most requested features I received when I put out the Tools Survey was to add pricing to the Lisk Excel Tool. This month we were able to add the following currencies to the tool: AUD, BTC, CAD, CHF, CNY, CZK, EUR, GBP, INR, JPY, MXN, PLN, & USD. If your currency isn’t listed, let me know and I’ll see if I can add it!

New Fiat Pairings for Lisk Richlist

Previously, the Lisk Rishlist allowed for comparisons in USD and BTC. Now, you can view the information in multiple fiat forms, including EUR, JYP, CNY, GBP, PLN, and RUB.

Vote History Sorting

Before this update, the Vote History tool would automatically sort votes from most recent to least recent. There were several requests to allow sorting by amounts. Not only was this added, but also sorting by addresses as well. This should allow all users to view data easily and efficiently.

Lisk Excel Option for a CSV Download

Lisk Excel was created to allow for easy xlsx file downloads of all transactions that meet the user’s criteria. Some users however are unable to use xlsx files, mostly due to OS constraints. Therefore, an option for CSV downloads was created to accommodate those users.

JPY Added to the Price Chart Widget

A very large portion of our audience and support comes from the Japanese community. To show our gratitude, we added JPY as an option the the Lisk Price Widget thats on the front page.

Various Performance Upgrades

We made several minor tweaks that ended up making a huge difference when it comes to performance. For instance, it used to take both the Chainalysis and Richlist tools 10-12 minutes to update their information. Now, we are seeing the information updated in no more than 3 minutes for both tools. Also, loading data for the Vote History tool is now up to 400% faster, depending on the query.

Payout Audit Suite Launched

While not a tool, Stellardynamic, Lemii, and myself finished up the payout audit suite, which any delegate may choose to use to audit their own payouts for accuracy and correct past mistakes. You can read more about it here:

Plans for December

We have many things planned for December:

– We have an update 90% completed for the Vote History tool that will allow users to view a different set of data.
– The Lisk Richlist will have the ability to show historical data from a previous date in the blockchain
– API documentation needs updated to reflect all the new API calls
– And more!

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