May 23rd, 2018

We are pleased to announce an experimental feature that allows our pending tool to contain pending amounts for delegates that don’t have a running tool to show pending balances.

How is this done?

We have developed an algorithm that we believe can fairly accurately predict how much lisk is currently pending for any given address. Without going into all the boring mathematical details, it utilizes voting/transaction history, voting weight of the delegate, forging rewards, payout history, and delegate sharing %.

Is it accurate?

We believe it gives a good rough estimate for what an address has accumulated from these delegates. While we can’t directly check the balances from these delegates, we cross-referenced the algorithm against delegates that do have tools. We were very pleased with the results. That said, we will continually look for opportunities to tweak the algorithm to provide as accurate of data as possible. In addition, if any of these delegates provide a tool for us to incorporate into our regular data, we will make it a top priority to add it.

Potential Issues

There are a few potential issues with these amounts. Most are minor. One glaring issue though is with addresses that seem to be excluded from certain delegate payouts. When this happens, it could appear that the address has an unusually high pending balance from that delegate. This happens because the algorithm is looking in the transaction history for payouts that don’t exist. It appears that this issue is mostly limited to delegate accounts, so it should be treated as an edge case issue.

If you find any other potential issues, please let us know. We’d love to do whatever it takes to identify and correct any unknown issues.


These additional balances will take a few (3-5) seconds to load. Once we “finalize” our algorithm, we’ll focus on reducing the time so that it’ll be near instant.

API Call

We have incorporated these estimated totals into a separate API call from the regular pending amounts. You can find the link below:{address}

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