January 20th, 2018

Hello fellow community Lisk member!

Thank you so much for your interest and support for our website.

The team of lisk.support would like to thank you for helping us promote our community-driven website. We find it amazing that the Lisk eco-system has so much positive energy. That shows us that we can expect a lot more great things to come.

We would like to take a group picture of all the people wearing a lisk.support t-shirt at the Relaunch event. The Keynote presentation ends at 10.00 PM, so we would like to ask you to come together then for a picture.

Enjoy your stay in Berlin and see you soon!  Joo5ty

5 Replies to “Promotion t-shirts have been shipped”

  1. Long time investor. Been through the ups and downs and have held through it all ( albiet with some grumbling ) and I’d love a t-shirt with the new logo. How can I get one so I can proudly wear one around my local meetups?

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