February 26th, 2018

!! Please be aware of impostors on social media !! 

We have been getting complaints that the names of lisk.support members are used on social media to scam other Lisk community members. I personally have seen my name ( joo5ty ) been used to scam people of their LSK.

The most common social media sites are Twitter and Telegram.

You can be assured that lisk.support will NEVER ask you to send any amount of LSK to a specific wallet. This includes if we will organise a contest or any other promotional activity.

Report suspicious user activity to LiskHQ so that they know what is happening and can ban impostors when possible.

3 Replies to “Scam alert”

  1. 2/20/2018 someone put information under your tweet. We’re giving away 5000 Lisks. Send 5 Lisk to the given number and we will send you back 50. If you do not make it 5000, we will give back 5 Lisk to you. People sent their foxes. They did not know it was not just a cheater. Now this damnable tweet has been removed and you pretend that it was not like that. I have a screen with this information. You have the number of this cheater there. As you can see, people were getting fooled. Why did you delete your tweet cheat so late? Including, I’m sending a screen with a cheat tweet where the number of his wallet is. Check it. My transaction is from Bitbay. net from 12:36:13. I see that several other people have also sent 5Lisk to the cheat wallet.

  2. Again Michal, im really sorry you got scammed by you sending money to a stranger that was an imposter that used my name. Its not really fair to say I don’t care after talking with you via email and also releasing this news article and spreading it around. The imposter removed his traces by deleting his comment. Again something I was not even aware of. I can’t be responsible for your LSK transfers.

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