May 12th, 2018

Hi everybody! We are very happy that today we finally can give the community another awesome update by introducing our new and improved website and tools.


We have been working for quite some time now on improving the website design and user experience. We’ve tweaked the design with some fresh colors and styles. Also, we’ve added two new widgets: the voting rewards calculator and the chainalysis widget which gives hourly, daily or weekly information about transactions happening on the Lisk blockchain. We’ve also improved the price chart, not only visually, but you can now refresh the chart whenever you like.

We would also like to introduce a new section on our website: projects & ico’s. In this section we will list all the confirmed upcoming projects which are being built on the Lisk blockchain platform. This will give more insights to new people in the Lisk community but also gives the projects exposure. Are you planning to build something on Lisk? Contact us and we will list your project on our website.

Since the Lisk relaunch, Lisk HQ has been developing their academy and help center with a lot of information and tutorials. Therefore, we have chosen to remove the knowledge base from our website and just give some basic information on our frontpage where people can learn the most important things.

Pending tool

First, thanks for the amazing support on the pending tool. We have more than 20.000 weekly users of the tool which is more than we ever hoped for! That’s why we put a lot of time in improving the tool for you and give you new features as well as a better user experience. Things we have changed are:

  • Added history of payouts so you can see what your pending amount was on day X
  • Added tooltips for better explanation (currently disabled due to a bug, will be enabled asap)
  • Improved mobile experience

If you still have feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know!

Team changes and delegate

Internally there have been some changes as well. Since Joo5ty is getting involved more and more with GDT projects, Tony and Jayjay are now taking over the leading role in the development of the website. Joo5ty will still be in the team of as a content creator but will not be the leading person anymore. Therefore, we have also decided to launch our own delegate ‘’. Our delegate will be an individual delegate which will support the whole team, but also the community and good causes.

If our delegate gets in forging position, we will divide the forging rewards as following:

  • 50% voter rewards.
  • 10% to Lisk donations. This can include any contributions to the Lisk ecosystem. We feel it is very important to consistently reward those who are making positive contributions to Lisk, as that will make for a stronger Lisk.
  • 5% charity donation. This will be on a monthly basis. We will decide on a few worthy causes, and let the community decide which one we donate to. Every month a new charity.
  • Give back the voting fee to all our voters at the moment we’re forging.
  • Servers. Of course, everyone must maintain a node. In addition to the nodes to run our delegate, we would like to create the following:
  • A high-powered bare-metal public node
  • A high-powered bare-metal private node for use
  • A high-powered bare-metal server for tools
  • team payroll. We have a strong team of dedicated Liskers that are a constant asset to We wish to reward their contributions consistently, without relying on community donations. Most of our team members are working daily on the website.We hope we can count on your vote! x Lisk USA

Lisk USA

We are also very happy that we can officially announce our partnership with This partnerships contains us working together on news articles and blogs as well as helping each other out with development of both websites and tools. We believe that working together in a blockchain community is very important for the further development of the project and this way we can give the community even better quality posts and tools.

Weekly news for will now be provided by with “The State of Lisk Report”. We will continue to write our own content as well.

Win 25 LSK

To celebrate this new milestone, we will give 25LSK to one lucky winner. All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter and vote for our delegate. We will pick a lucky winner on the 31st of July.

We hope you enjoy this update as much as we do, and don’t forget to vote for us! 🙂


11 Replies to “Welcome to the new (+ win 25LSK)”

  1. 世界で最も伸び代のある通貨(プロジェクト)の1つ。これからの発展の大きな支えになることを期待しています。

    1. Hi Pipok,

      as stated in the blog, we have a team of multiple developers and creators which contribute to the Lisk ecosystem on almost a daily basis. By taking 35% of the forging rewards, we can run multiple nodes on mainnet, testnet, betanet etc. and reward our team members for their work. We share 50% with voters because we believe that this is a fair share. We keep 10% for future donations to for instance other individual developers which contribute to the ecosystem. We will give the other 5% to a charity. There is so much money involved in the crypto space that we feel that we need to help to make the world a better place if we have the chance.

      Hope this answers your question.

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