January 5th, 2018

Thanks for all the overwhelming support the last week! We’ve had amazing responses and over 7500 unique visitors the last 7 days.

We have one lucky winner of $500 worth of Lisk (21LSK)! We’ve had an amazing list of 723 participants and all the names were put in a bowl; one lucky name was picked by my lovely cat! Check out the video to see who won:

Congratulations to the winner!

We would like to thank delegate joo5ty for his donation to make this contest possible. If you haven’t already, consider giving him a vote to support a daily active Lisk delegate!



3 Replies to “We’ve got a winner! $500 worth of Lisk!”

  1. Great contest guys! So happy with the great Lisk community and Eco-system. We all bring a lot of value to the Lisk blockchain and can expect even more great times to come!

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