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12th August 2017
Lisk – The CryptoCurrency to Watch in 2018!

YLGV is talking about Lisk, the project with the most potential for 2018.

1st August 2017
LISK | Is it the future of app development?

Famous crypto YouTuber DataDash is talking about Lisk.

28th July 2017
Recap: Lisk New Orleans Blockchain Meetup: Use Cases

Lisk Community Meeting held on YouTube 27/07/2017 @0:17 What is Lisk? @1:13 What problem to solve? @5:33 The problem that Lisk solves? @6:38 What to expect in the future?  

22nd July 2017
Recap: Lisk Berlin Blockchain Meetup: Financial Aspects

Lisk Community Meeting held on YouTube 21/07/2017 @2:40 What is Lisk and its goal @3:25 How is Lisk going to work @4:50 Lisk monthly recap june/july 2017 @7:10 Whats upcoming: Lisky a CLI for Lisk Core @10:30 All about …

1st July 2017
Recap: Lisk Community Meeting – 04

Lisk Community Meeting held on YouTube 30/06/2017 @17:40 Lot of companies want to join Lisk and develop on the platform. @25:21 Majority of devs can use the SDK for sidechains. Everybody can develop mobile apps. @28:30 Lisk …

29th June 2017
Recap: FLOSS Weekly 394: Lisk

Original FLOSS Weekly 394 on YouTube 28/06/2017 @3:58 Max: could you explain what Lisk is and what problem does it solve @4:34 Are you able to put code in the blockchain? @5:42 The Lisk blockchain: a decentralised …


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