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29th April 2017
Recap: Lisk Community Meeting – 03

Lisk Community Meeting held on YouTube 28/04/2017 @1:05 Lisk will create an official Mobile applications based on React @13:06 What gives the Lisk coin value? @18:01 Why choose Lisk to develop your blockchain application? @23:12 Lisk Core 1.0 …

1st April 2017
Recap: Lisk Community Meeting – 02

Lisk Community Meeting held on YouTube 31/03/2017 @2:66 Will there be a security audit before the SDK release? @3:52 Vision on how the SDK will work @6:40 Is there an overal roadmap? @18:12 Is LiskHQ going to develop …

12th February 2017
Recap: Lisk Community Meeting – 01

Lisk Community Meeting held on YouTube 11/02/2017 @5:45 Will LiskHQ support dapp developers @9:25 What will LiskHQ do with the bitcoin from the ICO @10:14 How much longer will LiskHQ give 5lisk reward per block @15:32 Can …

8th July 2016

Original LISK Presentation Part #1 on YouTube 7/7/2016 2:22 Goal of LiskHQ 4:27 Lisk Framework 5:27 Application examples on Lisk 5:59 Lisk blockchain services 7:03 Fully customizable sidechains 9:32 Disadvantage of Lisk 9:49 Delegate Marketplace 12:51 Application and Services Marketplace 13:24 dApp example: …

27th May 2016
Recap: Transmission 55 – Max Kordek, Lisk

Original FLOSS Weekly 394 on YouTube 26/05/2016 @5:38 Lisk is a fork of Crypti @6:11 How much did Lisk raise in the ICO = 14.000BTC @6:54 How are the fund being held @9:22 Who decides how and when …


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