December 16th, 2019

Original article in Lisk Magazine

Featured in this news update:

– LiskHQ lays off 40% of its members
– Lisk Foundation Releases Financial Update for November
– Delegates’ overview and #heroesnotzeros


LiskHQ lays off 40% of its members
Lisk Magazine featured many times the team behind LiskHQ, that during the 2018 continued to grow. In 2019 the number of employees was pretty stable, until the announcement of Max Kordek, Co-founder at Lisk Foundation, that informed the community about the reduction of the team. Now the team is composed of 32 people (15 dedicated to Development, 5 in Research department, 4 in Operations, 4 in Marketing, 2 in Design and 2 in Business Development).
This allows LiskHQ to decrease the monthly expenses and focus on 2020’s activities with a smaller but more solid team.
As stated by Max: “Our main focus was to retain our talents in the research, platform (backend development) and developer relations departments. While shrinking the size within user interfaces (frontend development), marketing, design and operations. The reasons were to decrease our burn rate which by a large degree consisted of human resources costs, and to decrease our operational overhead in order to become more agile again. We are looking forward to the next year. Some exciting things are coming.


Lisk Foundation Releases Financial Update for November
The current report says that LiskHQ has € 5.2 million and CHF 3.2 million.  Following the rule to have enough fiat money to cover 12 months of expenses, LiskHQ sold 450 BTC and received € 3.6 million.
The Foundation also holds 2,700 BTC, 62,000 GBYTE and 7.8 million LSK.
Here below you see the infographic related to the montly expenditures. Remember that the burn-rate will go down starting from December onwards and it will take a few months to show the full effect of the layoffs.

Financial Update November 2019 Expenditures


Delegates’ overview and #heroesnotzeros
According to LiskMonitor, this week there was a huge change in delegate landscape. A whale with 3 million LSK changed his votes and this influenced a lot the redistribution of votes, with that was pushed back in the standby zone and robinhood that is forging again.
This flow of votes sees 111 million LSK lost by Elite, while GDT group got in total +19 million LSK. Sherwood gained 8 million LSK and Ascend members +27 million LSK.
At individual level, the biggest individual losses came up for iii.element.iii [-5.8M] (N.B. element is still an Elite member, but as he has dumped his coins probably there will soon be a statement from the group where they announce to kick out him), liskpool_com_01 [-8M], philhelmuth [-7M], joo5ty [-5.5M].
Crodam, lwyrup, blackswan and zy1349 (that share 0%) lost over 5.5 million LSK each.
The most voted delegates are: robinhood [+3.2M], liskascend [+4.2M], lemii [+4.3M], korben3 [+5M], liskmagazine [+4.2M], minions [+4.3M], crypto_embassy [+4.1M], gym [+4.5M], southpaw439 [+3.8M] and elum [+3.9M].


In the last period an important number of delegates changed their status and stopped to share LSK, without additional contributions to the Lisk ecosystem. For this reason, some members of the community started the campaign #heroesnotzeros, promoting to unvote forging delegates that are not doing a tangible work and to vote for standby delegates that are working since months & years to improve Lisk.

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