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Lisk news 25th November 2017

Lisk city: the Lisk ecosystem explained

During the Lisk meetup in Berlin last week, Thomas from Lisk HQ talked about “Lisk city”. With this metaphor, Thomas explained, in a very approachable way, how the Lisk ecosystem will be designed. …

Lisk news 19th November 2017 word of appreciation and updates

We would like to thank all of you for your great support for our website We’ve had over a 1000 unique visitors each day for the last week, and we even hit …

Weekly roundup 19th November 2017

Lisk Weekly News Roundup – Week 46

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read. First Block Reward Reduction Another big Lisk milestone was reached …

Development 17th November 2017

Series: How to plan a Dapp to build on Lisk (Token Utility)

Token Utility & Inflation Model Last week we covered the Executive Summary of a business plan. This week we’re covering token utility and tokenomics. This is a very important section of your business …

Delegates 14th November 2017

Delegate of the Day: Liskjp

Introduction  I am living in Tokyo, I and my friend (bigfisher) have 2 node Server. (node name: *** bigfisher *** & *** liskjp ***) I have about 480k+ Lsks now. We will support …

Development 14th November 2017

Series: How to plan a Dapp to build on Lisk (Business plan)

This is a basic guide to help capture your Decentralized app idea into actionable sections. Basically welcome to writing a business plan 101. Start with your idea, do you have something to build …

Community meeting 12th November 2017

Lisk Meetup Rotterdam 2017 with Thomas Schouten

The Meetup in Rotterdam was amazing with a lot of (new) information. I would like to ask you as part of the community to help and spread the word. Let see if we can …

Lisk news 12th November 2017

Thank you for your donations!

The team would like to express their enormous gratitude to all the community members that have send their LSK contribution! We think this is a great example how LiskHQ likes to see …


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