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Delegates 30th October 2017

Delegate of the Day: Forrest

Forrest 25% Reward Share Pool: Sharing 20% via forrest delegate + 5% via GDT pool. Pool site is live – forrestpool Weekly distribution of rewards with minimum payout limited to 2 LSK to …

Weekly roundup 29th October 2017

Lisk Weekly News Roundup – Week 43

Bringing you the best Lisk news of the week! Keep up to date with the Lisk blockchain platform in a few minutes read. New Lisk Team Members This week Lisk announced that they hired …

Delegates 27th October 2017

Delegate of the Day: 5an1ty

  Introduction (Brief introduction of yourself) Hello fellow LISKers, I am 5an1ty from Belgium and have been working in IT for over 9 years, currently I work as a full stack developer with …

Delegates 25th October 2017

Delegate of the Day: Spacetrucker

Unfortunately spacetrucker is not sharing any information about his delegate. Spacetrucker is an active member since he recently did a vote on the blockchain and is found active on Spacetrucker is part …

Development 25th October 2017

Lisk, the Blockchain app framework.

JavaScript As a developer by trade, I have built many apps, from small personal projects to large scale applications. My language of choice is JavaScript. Their community which I love, is the most populous …

Delegates 24th October 2017

Delegate of the Day: iii.element.iii

Visualisations – Sharing Node – Powerful Server – Long term hold Hello  I am |n| Element| Bitcoin enthusiast since 2013 | Lisk ICO participant | Engineer | IT skilled | Server Specifications | …

Lisk news 24th October 2017

What gives the LSK token value?

MaxKKCo-Founder explains,  So what gives a token value? Just to name a few: It’s its uniqueness, continuous progression of the platform, potential, the team behind it, the data the network has to process, …

Delegates 23rd October 2017

Delegate of the Day:

  Unfortunately is not sharing any information about his delegate. There is no activity under his name since 2016 about what he does for the Lisk community. If anybody has any information …


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