July 21st, 2020

A new list of heroes has been made by community members. These names will bring fresh air into the ecosystem, contributing more to Lisk thanks to the forging position and increasing the rewards for voters, as the sharing % is higher than the “Ghosts”.

During the first community campaign #HeroesNotZeroes, millions of LSK changed their votes, kicking out inactive forging delegates in order to push deserving standby members. 8 out of 10 people were able to start forging, proving the success of the initiative.

This time the community has a new occasion to bring fresh air into Lisk ecosystem. This is happening after the dissolution of Elite group: some delegates started their own individual pool, others built a new group and other are considered as totally inactive (not sharing LSK, not active in Discord, not maintaining a testnet node).

The community worked on a public spreadsheet to propose standby delegates and individuate “Ghosts”.

After a careful analysis, many members of the community endorsed the following list under the name #HostsNotGhosts:


Hosts (standby delegates)
Ghosts (forging delegates)
minions 4miners.net
przemer liskpool_com_01
jesusthehun joel
liskcenter.io bilibili
liskjapan acheng
johnmuck augurproject
dav1 grajsondelegate
crypto_embassy mac
anonimowy891 panzer
lemon crolisk
ultrafresh jixie

One-click vote changer via Lisk Desktop


Who are the Hosts:

minions – author of multiple tools, moderator on the Lisk Discord and Telegram chats, winner of many Lisk-related awards. 50% shared;
przemer – Discord moderator, delegate on Testnet and Betanet, maintaining nodes on PoC sidechains and developer of Lisk Whale alert bot. 50% shared;
jesusthehun – Professional software developer for more than 10 years, winner of many Lisk-related awards, Lisk SDK contributor, author of Featchain PoC and Lisk Bike PoC. 10% shared;
liskcenter.io – account related to the Lisk Center Utrecht, the biggest Lisk hub in the world; organizer of many blockchain conferences, webinars and workshops. 10% shared;
liskjapan – contributor of Coin Post and translator of Lisk Magazine in Japanese, developer of Lisk PoCs and active news disseminator in Twitter. 65% shared;
johnmuck – Lisk Discord, Reddit and Telegram moderator, winner of many Lisk-related awards, active news disseminator in Twitter. 50% shared;
dav1 – publisher or blockchain academic papers, delegate on Testnet, developer of a Lisk PoC. 50% shared;
crypto_embassy – developer of Lisk Pay (Plugin for woocommerce) and Lisk Helper (Extension), Meetup Organiser and Lisk Ambassador. 50% shared;
anonimowy891 – active community member, delegate on Testnet, producer of Lisk gadgets using 3D printing, developer of many funny projects in Lisk. 50% shared;
lemon – Ex-LiskHQ developer (Michiel Mulders), creator of Arcado Network PoC, Lisk Bills and Lisk Transport, speaker at Lisk.js 2019. 20% shared;
ultrafresh – Project Lead and editor at LiskUSA, Lisk Ambassador, organizer of 20 Lisk meetups. 25% shared;


The list has been made considering some aspects:

1) preserve the network, avoiding changes that might incetivize bad actors to attack Lisk (e.g.: change 50% of the active delegates);
2) be sure that standby delegates have a proven track record of contributions and aim to further improve Lisk;
3) protect previous “Heroes” delegates that are at the bottom of top101 (Jong, Gym, etc) and can easily pushed out;
4) provide a real list of delegates that can be replaced in a reasonable timeframe.

If this campaign will be a success as the previous one, for sure Lisk ecosystem can be further improved and other forging delegates that are passively holding their positions can be replaced by upcoming community initiatives.


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