What is Adamant?

Adamant claims to be the most private messenger to this date. Their website describes the service through the following points:


Absolutely anonymous – No need to register or enter any info

• No emails, no phone numbers
• No access to user device’s data (like address book or location)
• Your IP is hidden for interlocutors
• Privacy and top-level encryption


Blockchain-powered – Your device does not store any info

It directly interacts with the Blockchain, where every byte is fully-encrypted. Your End-to-End encrypted messages can never be read by third parties (including developers or anyone else).


Open source and trusted – Adamant makes use of a GPLv3 license

Feel free to deploy packages and revise the Code — including server-side Blockchain node, communication protocol and a client messenger app.


Adamant grows – Bonus token aftersale distribution

ADM Wallets grow by 5% every month until all of unsold ICO-tokens are being distributed. And ADM-transfer system allows to make transactions at a very low cost with a 5-second execution.


No application required – Progressive Web App

No need to install anything — use any modern browser on your smartphone, tablet or desktop to start messaging! And native versions of Android / iOS applications are now in development.


Proper business solution – A rock-solid system

So you could confidently use it for every kind of communication. Even the serious ones. Use secure document transfers and blockchain-proved digital sign for your business needs.

Are you interested about the Adamant project? Make sure to check out their website: adamant.im