What is bdonor?

bdonor is a platform that connects donors with recipients of those donations in a secure and decentralized way, using blockchain technology. This means that all relevant information about the donations and the donation receivers is stored transparently and secure on the blockchain. Because of the pseudonomity of the blockchain, no private data is needed nor published.

The value proposition of bdonor is:

– Very easy to donate, using only a single place that connects beneficiaries with donors. No need to crawl the whole internet to find donation addresses, no need for centralized third parties like banks, charity organisations, etc…
– Censorship resistance. Everybody is able and allowed to send or receive donations. No censorship or manipulation is possible. Nobody can prevent anybody from donating or receiving donations.
– Total transparency on both sides, the sender and the receiver of donations. This makes it possible to use the platform also for tax purposes and for transparency reports of political parties and organisations.
– An extremely easy to use, and beautiful interface makes donating only a matter of a few clicks and seconds.

In the beginning we assume that bdonor will be used mostly by community members and delegates of Lisk. This means that somebody who organizes a meetup, creates a tool or published a medium post or news article about Lisk can create a donation request. People and delegates who want to support and acknowledge these efforts can use bdonor to browse all these created requests and donate to those they like, with only a few clicks.

In the future also people like artists, musicians, bloggers, etc… who are not directly involved with Lisk will use bdonor to receive revenue for the work they do. Additionally also regular people will start using bdonor to donate to people and projects they like.
People will realize that they can make a huge impact on other peoples future if they donate little amounts .

In the far future websites will also put a bdonor-link on their website to receive donations, big organisations like UNICEF, Wikipedia, LibreOffice, WWF, etc… will be present on our platform. Additionally, people will be able to use bdonor to start crowdfunding projects and also micropayments will be possible.

Want to learn more? check out https://bdonor.io/