is the Content Creators blockchain that enables to monetize your content outside the standard channels and engage with your community.

Mission & Vision

We aim to build a completely decentralized network of creators, where the community can reward their own favourite creators in P2P way and the creators get support for the hours spent building content. It’s time to get rewarded for the endless time spent on your public available content!

From Videos to Open Source Projects

The blockchain recognizes Creators from the major social platforms. Your Videos, podcasts, livestreams, open source projects, blog articles and much more content can take part on the blockchain. The initial beta will support Youtube, Github, Reddit and Medium creators in order interconnect their public creations

Provable Fair

With the open source algorithm any Content Creator from the major social platforms is able to participate in the blockchain society. Every creator gets the chance to earn CLAPS tokens as reward for the content built, nevertheless the community can support you monthly with CLAPS token.

Support for content creators

Content creators have a special role on the blockchain. As a Creator you are one of the pillars of the blockchain together with the Delegates.

A suite of tools to support the Blockchain

We are continuously building tools to support the and Lisk blockchain. With the LiskDexBridge you’ll be able to swap your CLAPS Token with LSK. With our explorer, you’ll be able to connect with your community.

Interested in reading more about the Project? Check out their website