September 18th, 2017

The Lisk rebranding process is spread out out over several months. Lisk HQ split the whole process into two major parts:

Strategic repositioning of Lisk with the help of a Rlevance Consulting (psychologists involved): This is important to make clear what is the Lisk vision and ambition and how we communicate this. Also, how this relates to others in the industry. Although Rlevance Consulting will continue to be involved, this part was completed in July. The Lisk brand strategy is defined and used for the current visual design process. More about this outcome will be covered in an extensive blog post from Lisk HQ.

Creative rebranding of Lisk with the help of design agency Taikonauten: Building further on the brand strategy, Taikonauten is addressing all visual elements of Lisk. The current design route is far progressed. The estimation is that the design is finished before the end of September. Parallel to the design, front and back end devs from Lisk and Taikonauten will be working on the code. In the meanwhile you can except several teasers over Twitter and Reddit. The initial launch of the rebranding 1.0 is still planned for Q4 2017. We aim to include a fully rebranded with an integrated wallet and explorer, logo and other branded elements (e.g. documentation) and ‘digital products’.

The transition from an informational website towards application platform will be covered in the second phase of the rebranding, the rebranding 2.0. Many developers, UX designers, marketeers and strategists are involved to make Lisk the go-to platform for application development, management and monetisation of decentralised applications and ICOs. Starting from Q1 2018, the Lisk network and the SDK will grow together and form the Lisk platform.

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