September 24th, 2017

Lisk re-branding phases. Source:


Yes, we’ve all been waiting for this update from the Lisk HQ! They we’re quiet for a long time but finally we got an update about the re-branding process.


The re-branding process is being split up in several phases and the first phases are already finished: expert interviews, workshops, strategy reviews, definition of the goals and design research. The agency Taikonauten is actively working on the new designs and we can expect this to be finished in the beginning of October, but it’s not clear yet if we will see it being released immediately. It seems like we will first get some teasers and finally see the full re-branding released in November.

Want to read a more detailed blog about the re-branding? Check out the original blog on the Lisk HQ blog.

What do you expect from the Lisk re-branding? Let us know in the comments below!

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