20th January 2018

Promotion t-shirts have been shipped

Hello fellow community Lisk member! Thank you so much for your interest and support for our website. The team of would like to thank you for helping us promote our community-driven website. …

Development 25th November 2017

(Series) Planning to build a Dapp on Lisk: Competition Comparisons

Welcome back! Hope you are still thinking about the things you are thankful for this ThanksGiving week 🙂 That is of course if you live in the US… Previously we talked about Token …

Development 17th November 2017

Series: How to plan a Dapp to build on Lisk (Token Utility)

Token Utility & Inflation Model Last week we covered the Executive Summary of a business plan. This week we’re covering token utility and tokenomics. This is a very important section of your business …


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