December 26th, 2020

Featured in this news update:

– Countless Lisk-based dApps are popping up
– Lisk Foundation’s Financial Update (November)
– Delegates’ overview

Countless Lisk-based dApps are popping up
The release of Lisk SDK 5.0.1 is just the precursor of a strategy to show how easy, fast and secure is the development of dApps using Lisk toolkit.
The unveiling of two new case studies goes in that direction.
Some days ago Jean-Michel Alandou showcased LiskRide, a community platform to connect drivers with free seats to passengers that go in the same place.
The driver adds their travel plan in the App, specifying the journey, the date of departure, and the number of available seats.
When a passenger books the journey, funds are withdrawn from the passenger’s account, deposited in the travel account, and the sent to the driver once the trip starts.
LiskRide uses 5 custom transactions: AddAccountInfoTransaction, RegisterTravelTransaction, BookTravelTransaction, StartTravelTransaction, EndTravelTransaction.
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Jurre, member of the Moosty team, introduced a ticketing system to face frauds and improve event management.
The Lisk Ticketing Project implements the services of Ticketswap (a centralized platform to sell/buy tickets) in a ticketing system at a protocol level.
This project allows event organizers to set the rules of the secondary markets: tickets might not be resold by design, or only sold at a fixed maximum profit percentage.
Each ticket contains specific properties and can be sold only via on-chain transaction, resulting trackable in the blockchain.
Other features can be implemented: automatic refund when an event is canceled or a fee sharing system linked with the secondary market to reward artists.
Lisk Ticketing has 4 custom modules and a combined total of 9 custom transactions.
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Lisk Foundation’s Financial Update (November)
According to the report, the Foundation holds € 4.29 million ( + € 2,310k compared to previous report) and CHF 1.30 million ( – CHF 130k compared to previous report). In addition, it owns 2,400 BTC, 62,000 GBYTE and 8.8 million LSK. This means that the total assets correspond to about $ 80 million.
In relation to the monthly expenses, the picture below summarizes the costs linked with each department:

Financial Update November Expenditures

Delegates’ overview
According to LiskMonitor, in the past weeks there was a huge inflow of votes from delegates: GDT gained 30 million LSK and individuals gained 59M votes.
At individual level, the most voted ones are: lemii [+1.32M], [1.37M] acheng [+1.34M], crolisk [+1.37k], minions [+1.30M], liskjapan [1.44M].
The biggest individual losses came up for vipetkd [-520k], joel [-297k].
Voting for Hosts, it is possible to receive 1 free LSK by minions (no action required, just vote the list).

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