January 20th, 2020

Original article in Lisk Magazine

Featured in this news update:

– Lisk Core 2.1.4 is out
– 3 new objectives added to the Lisk Protocol roadmap
– New UI for Lisk DEX
– Delegates’ overview and #heroesnotzeros


Lisk Core 2.1.4 is out
LiskHQ released:
Lisk Core 2.1.4, a patch release for the mainnet
– Lisk Core 2.1.4-rc.0, a patch release for the testnet
Lisk SDK 2.3.7, an updated dependency of Lisk Core
This release mitigates a recently discovered peer-to-peer security vulnerability. It is therefore important for all node operators to update their nodes immediately.


3 new objectives added to the Lisk Protocol roadmap
LiskHQ added 3 new objectives to the Lisk Protocol roadmap.
In “Network Economics” category, the new objective isSimplify transaction validity rules within blocks“.
Lisk researcher Maxime Gagnebin proposed a new LIP with the title ‘Establish block validity by applying transactions sequentially‘ that addresses this objective. It consists of a new procedure to assert the validity of blocks containing multiple interdependent transactions.
This LIP simplifies the current set of rules to assert the validity of blocks containing dependent transactions and defines a general rule to assert block validity.
For example if Alice has a balance of 10 LSK, she receives 40 LSK from Bob and sends 30 LSK to Charlie, currently it is not possible to include the two transactions in a single block (as it results in an invalid block).
The other 2 objectives belong to “
Network Longevity”:
– “Introduce universal serialization method” (used to serialize and deserialize any data of the Lisk blockchain and SDK, for storing and transmitting data as well as hashing and signing data)
– “Introduce an authenticated data structure” (to verify the inclusion of a transaction without knowing the whole transaction payload)

Learn more at https://lisk.io/roadmap


New UI for Lisk DEX
Jackson Roberts announced that he is working on a User Interface for the decentralized exchange Lisk DEX developed by Jon Dubois (jong delegate). Currently it is possible to trade testnet LSK for CLSK, another testing token.
Try it at https://github.com/Jaxkr/lisk-dex-ui.

Delegates’ overview and #heroesnotzeros
According to LiskMonitor, this week there was a huge change in delegate landscape, as Coincheck voted for all Elite members (remember that Coincheck is still testing the staking service). The group, indeed, gained globally 488 million LSK, while GDT lost 8 million LSK.
At individual level, the biggest individual losses came up for vrlc92 [-1.7M], vipertkd [-1.6M], adrianhunter [-2.8M], iii.element.iii [-2.2M], liskpool_com_01 [-2M], joo5ty [-2.9M], blackswan [-1.5M], Crodam [-1.6M], lwyrup [-1.6M], zy1349 [-1.6M], philhelmuth [-2.2M].
The most voted delegates are: all Elite members [+10M], thepool [+1M], endro [+1.6M], 9up.io [+1.3M], moosty [+2.5M], lemii [+2.5M], liskmagazine [+2.5M], korben3 [+2.6M], liskpoland.pl [+2.5M], minions [+2.3M], gym [+2.3M], jong [+2.8M], prolina [+1.1M].
Delegate minions is refunding the 1LSK token to investors that vote for the “Heroes” list (no action required, automatic refund). Read more about the campaign #heroesnotzeros in the dedicated article: “Heroes Not Zeroes: the Campaign to Push Deserving Delegates

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